A resident’s possessions can now be protected up to the value of £30,000 after an insurance broker launched the UK’s first dedicated care home contents cover.

Adrian Flux is offering bespoke policies to people who live in a home or assisted living complex to ensure their valuable possessions are better protected. Without it, millions of people remain at risk of losing thousands of pounds on the value of expensive items like jewellery, hearing aids or furniture should they be lost, stolen or damaged.

This is because most people accept the standard offering from the care setting when they move in which normally reimburses goods that need replacing to the value of just £250.

“It can often be a stressful time when our loved ones need to move into a care setting, be that through old age or ill health,” said Chelsea Shakespeare, a manager in the household department at Adrian Flux.

“The last thing anything needs is the additional worry of thinking their prized possessions, many of great sentimental value, are not covered properly. 

“This will help recoup money in the event of anything getting misplaced, broken or being targeted by thieves. This protects items that are owned by the individual, not the care home – and at a far greater value too.”

The innovative offering works in the same way as the household insurance policies the firm provide. It can protect against fire, escape of water (from a burst pipe), storms, floods, theft, loss or accidental damage (optional extra). The policy can be taken out by the resident or a loved one.

It’s the latest innovative introduction created by Adrian Flux, the company who launched the UK’s first driverless car and 3D printed homes insurance policies.

For more information on the groundbreaking policy, visit the dedicated care home contents cover page on the Adrian Flux website.