Andy Groves, co-founder of CareHug explains the driving force behind his desire to create a platform to benefit both care seekers and the care industry.

“I spent three years helping to care for my terminally ill father. I was only in my twenties when he was diagnosed. Two years later I went through it all again – this time caring for my mother.”

Andy says he found arranging care ‘fraught with stress and angst’ brought on by a lack of experience. “Needing to find care for someone isn’t something that’s taught at school. You have to learn through experience, and typically that is only gained afterwards. When my parents were trying to arrange residential care for my grandparents I remember vividly the helplessness, arguments borne out of guilt, and tears.

“However, I also remember a sense of calmness and relief once the right care was found. I’m determined to help narrow the gap between the stress, pressure, and guilt at having to find care, and the peace finding the right care can bring – and that’s what CareHug is all about.” is a free to use care home finder service featuring every care home in the UK.

As well as passing on his personal experiences to care seekers, Andy is keen to highlight some of the outstanding care providers, along with the incredible work of those working throughout the sector.

“For me, all carers are amazing people. The carers who helped look after my father went above and beyond. They even attended my mother’s funeral a couple of years later and I genuinely don’t know how I would have coped without them. I still speak to them, and count them as good friends.

“So, through CareHug I want to champion all that’s good in the care industry, and help make things easier, better for everyone – providers, suppliers, care team staff, and of course care seekers.”

That desire extends to making CareHug accessible for care seekers, and of value for care providers and businesses within the care sector.

“Our service will forever remain free of charge for care seekers. We also want to ensure value for our partners. For example, we offer a range of packages for care providers which include different membership extras such as additional marketing services or sponsorship opportunities. This allows flexibility – so care providers know they can benefit from additional services at a time when they need it – perhaps when room availability changes.
“There’s also huge value for other businesses within the care sector to partner with CareHug. For example, if you specialise in interior design for care homes, or your business arranges alpaca visits, our aim is to ensure your service or products are in front of your target audience when they’re needed.

“And that’s the core of what CareHug is – whether you’re a care seeker, care provider, or business working in the sector we want to help you find what you’re looking for – when you need it most.”