A local resident has won a competition to help name a brand-new care home in Wantage.

Local resident, Thomas Hutt, took part in the competition to name the new Care UK home, on Kingsgrove, which will open in Autumn 2024.

The competition called for the people who know the area best, its residents, to share suggestions that had a cultural or historical reference to the town.

Thomas came up with the winning name, ‘Charlton Lodge’, taking inspiration from the local village of Charlton, a well-known and popular area with locals.

Thomas said: “I’m thrilled to have helped pick the name of the new Care UK home. Charlton is a lovely village in Wantage which I’m sure will prove very popular with the future residents of the home.”

As a reward for coming up with the winning name, Care UK has donated £250 to Thomas.

Justin Daley, Development Project Manager for Care UK, said: “The home naming process is one of the key milestones for a new home, so it was important to involve the community in the decision. All of the names put forward were of a very high quality, but we felt ‘Charlton Lodge’ really rooted the home in the local area.

“We’re incredibly grateful to everyone that made a name suggestion, and to Thomas for his inspired entry – we are very much looking forward to the home taking shape and opening with its name of Charlton Lodge in 2024.”

Designed to enable residents to live active and fulfilled lives, while also promoting independence, the new Care UK home will incorporate space for hobby and leisure activities. The layout of the building will be configured into a series of individual suites, each having a dedicated lounge/dining room to help facilitate the creation of close-knit communities.

For general information about the home, visit: careuk.com/charlton-lodge