Investing in new care home interiors are often seen as a significant outlay which can be a struggle to justify. On the contrary, investing in interiors offers a substantial return on investment and Renray Healthcare, the UK’s largest and leading furniture supplier to the healthcare sector explains how.

A home with a clean and refurbished interior is easier to market than a care home with a tired interior. Utilising modern, homely and contemporary care orientated interiors can have a profound impact on your bottom line. You can use these interiors for marketing collateral and open days to really entice those who are leaving their home to live in your care home.

Improving staff morale and the effects on resident wellbeing

Caring for the elderly is difficult – particularly those residents who have dementia. Because of this, care providers need to be reminded to review staff morale. Low morale effects what you can deliver and impacts productivity and means you are at risk of high staff turnover, meaning you need to constantly recruit which evidently wastes time and money in hiring and training.

Working in a pleasant, homely, and newly refurbished environment lifts resident and staff moods. It results in colleagues being proud of their surroundings and those who are proud of where they work are more likely to have pride in the care home.

If your carers have joy in their environment, they will be happy to work and ensure the home works smoothly. We advise discussing any interior-related decisions with staff and residents alike, after all it is their home too and they should feel involved.

Home from Home – Creating a Welcoming Environment

When the time comes for their loved one to receive care outside their home, families struggle. Particularly, their worries lie around relatives not being treated gently and with respect.

It can be challenging for everyone concerned when a loved one moves from living independently to being cared for in a home. Families naturally want to feel as though their relatives are living somewhere appealing and comfortable, since first impressions matter and therefore, they look for a home where they would be content to live themselves.

Families’ decisions will be influenced by the initial impression they have when entering your care home and if they observe their loved one fitting in and taking pleasure in their surroundings, family members will experience peace of mind. This feedback could result in referrals for your recently renovated care facility.

Benefits to Your Business are Endless

Investing in a care home renovation goes beyond lovely furniture and décor. It also makes your design more dementia-friendly. Consideration of residents’ needs is a key for memory care design.

During your re-design you might consider making dining rooms smaller, to ease the burden of dementia patients. Residents of your care home will benefit long-term and positively from changing the design of your home.

A care home renovation is an opportunity to introduce new technology or raise your care home’s energy efficiency, which would boost productivity and reduce costs.

A substantial renovation will be a newsworthy event, especially if the locals benefit greatly from it.

Your care home will gain long-lasting benefits from an interior renovation – benefits that are both visible and quantifiable as well as those which are undiscovered. Everyone involved, from residents and their families, to staff and operators can benefit from all of these.

Renray Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality furniture, beds, PAC and interior solutions to care homes.