How joining up technologies can reduce costs and drive huge efficiencies in the care home as told by Simon Hayler of GHM Care.

Too many devices, contracts and inefficiencies in your care home? It could be time for some serious tech consolidation. As part of their digital strategy, care homes are looking to use smartphones for multiple functions whilst utilising technologies to create more of a home-from-home environment for their residents. In this article, GHM Care outline some of the key integrations their customers are making and the main benefits of streamlining solutions.

What Can Be Integrated?

Connectivity and Telephony

The first thing to consider is the WiFi in your care home, the starting point to enabling integration within the home. When installing or upgrading your WiFi, that’s a good time to consider what other technologies you use, or plan to use, that can be integrated to achieve better efficiencies and cost savings. It’s also the perfect opportunity to assess the many devices and applications that rely on a WiFi network.

Hosted telephone systems, using IP based technology with free calls included, offer greater flexibility and are a cost efficient solution. We work with many care homes to consolidate and integrate their voice systems, to reduce the reliance on DECT and mobile networks. Consider upgrading your WiFi as the perfect opportunity to assess your entire digital estate.


The majority of great care tech solutions are now provided through mobile devices and applications. Not only are care homes and villages reliant on increasing number of applications, they are integrating other technologies and third party solutions to operate more efficiently and improve the access for staff to key information around the home.

For example, our Nexus Care platform sends alerts from your nursecall directly to mobile devices carried by care staff – removing the need for multiple devices. It works with any existing nursecall system and because staff no longer need to return to a central office or wall board, the speed of response can be improved. 

Digital Care Records and Nursecall

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) set a target of having 80% of the sector using digital records by March this year. Mobile care management providers have greatly improved the delivery of care with advancements in their reporting technology and so GHM Care now integrate nursecall reporting with third party care monitoring applications. Care homes using partners like Nourish, PCS and Care Control can now automatically record nursecall activity against a resident’s personal care records, providing a more comprehensive picture of the personal care provided through the sharing of data. 

Solution Providers

Maintenance contracts and liaising with multiple service providers can be costly and time consuming. There are many natural overlaps in services being delivered to care homes, telecoms and IT support being just one example. More and more of our telephony customers are adopting our IT services and vice versa to create more economies and efficiencies. Specialist lift and alarm companies are also embracing digital tech to monitor their solutions, whether it be through integration with the nursecall system, or via IP connections connecting to their control centres.

Integration Means More Informed Decisions

Not only does integration result in some really significant savings and efficiencies, the quality of data improves. This information offers contextual oversight, empowering homes to make decisions that can drive improvements, improve staff productivity, reduce response times and ultimately enhance resident care.

Examples of Great Integration

Tom Cail of Brockhampton Court Nursing Home said of their recent integration: “We used to use a nurse call system that relied on a pager system, it was inherently unreliable. When we moved to digital care planning, using mobile devices, I always promised the staff if I could find a way to have the calls register on one device, instead of carrying two separate devices, I would. Then I found GHM. The Nexus system has transformed the home.” 

Aaron White of Oakland Care adds: “We have consolidated the volume of handheld devices staff use down to a single mobile. Not only has this reduced the cost and maintenance of having multiple devices, but we are increasing our efficiency with every functionality that we integrate on the device.”

Amanda Smith, COO at Connaught Care is also championing integration: “To be able to have our full range of telecoms, connectivity and IT from a single provider is a great benefit. Because GHM know every aspect of our technology provision, the level of service and efficiency is so much better.”


The Next Steps For Seamless Integration

A great first step is to audit the existing technologies you use and then talk to a service provider such as GHM Care to assess your connectivity, find out which technologies can be integrated and what efficiencies can be made. This comprehensive approach to integration will be key in your digital transformation and lay the foundations for all future solutions you introduce.

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