Exploring the smart choice for every care home laundry.

Providing care home residents with clean and comfortable clothes and bedding is a given, as is ensuring 100% effective laundry disinfection. When it comes to controlling operating costs and improving a home’s overall sustainability, reducing laundry energy and water consumption are now just as important. While all washers may look similar at first sight, the latest generation of smart machines feature a host of innovations that improve every aspect of their use.

Girbau’s latest GS7 Genius washer range is among the most energy efficient available today, thanks to a host of energy saving innovations in their design and manufacture. Available with capacities ranging from 9 to 32kg, the Internet-enabled washers feature a robust chassis design, high levels of water extraction and an easy-to-use 10-inch colour user interface.

These next-generation smart washers are designed to lower water, detergent and energy consumption while boosting productivity. Their high spin speed can achieve up to 450G extract force for astounding levels of water extraction, faster drying and lower energy use. 

What difference does that make? It reduces drying time by at least 10% and drying energy consumption by up to 30%. Tests on the Genius GS7018 found that it used 2.5 kWh for a full 18kg load cycle, compared to 3.5kWh for a comparable washer from a leading competitor. For a typical machine completing eight cycles per day, that’s a saving of over £900 a year, based on an electricity price of 31p per kWh.

An optional integral weighing system measures every load and automatically adjusts programs to further optimise cycle time, lower water and chemical usage and improve productivity. The new unique Care Plus Drum extends linen life and decreases tangling. The drum perforations also provide faster dispersion of water. Ergonomic features include a wide door opening for easier loading and unloading, while the fail-safe door is accessible in less than three minutes.

Genius washers offer unmatched durability and a high degree of programmability with automatic chemical dosing. The impact-resistant, full colour 10.5-inch waterproof control screen is the industry’s largest and features user-friendly icons that can be used while wearing gloves.

Girbau’s Sapphire remote-control software that is standard on Genius washers gives easy, flexible and versatile control. You can manage the laundry, compile production reports and analyse data remotely in real time from any device. Sapphire can also be used to configure washers to operate and record the use of thermal disinfection programs, essential in every care home.

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