Kingsmead, a member of the Healthcare Homes group, is delighted to share a heartwarming celebration of enduring love as one of its beloved residents and their partner celebrated their 64th Valentine’s Day together with a special three course dinner prepared by the home.

In a world where love stories are often fleeting, the bond shared by resident Peter and wife Carol stands as a testament to the enduring power of love. Despite the passage of time, their relationship has remained full of love and laughter, inspiring all those around them.

To mark this remarkable milestone, Kingsmead’s dedicated team orchestrated a memorable evening for the couple, culminating in a beautifully crafted three-course meal served in the comfort of Kingsmead care home. The ambiance was filled with love and joy as they reminisced about cherished memories while enjoying delicious cuisine prepared with care by the home’s talented chefs. 

The menu featured a delicious selection, including tomato soup, salmon with a white wine sauce or another option of roast chicken, with a refreshing lemon roulade for dessert. 

“It was an amazing day, a very special moment to be a part of,” said Lisa Stevenson, Activities Co-Ordinator at Kingsmead. “Carol comes to visit Peter regularly at Kingsmead, and I invited her to come in for a Valentines meal for the two of them.”

Peter, who served as an electrician in the navy for eight years, was excited about dressing up nicely for Carol’s company. He kept saying, “I should be wearing my uniform for her,” when speaking to the care team.

Peter’s eagerness to wear his navy uniform shows how proud he is of his years in the navy and how much he wanted to make Carol and his date special. His simple and heartfelt gesture added a touch of honour and respect to the occasion.

In the next room, an entertainer sang a pleasant range of music for all the residents, providing a soothing and romantic atmosphere for them. Carol, once a singer herself, enthusiastically joined in, singing to Peter in between courses.

As the couple entered, a photograph was taken, capturing this special moment. Swiftly after, the Activities Co-ordinator Lisa had the picture printed and framed, creating a memento for Carol and a thoughtful gift for their daughter Kim, who receives regular photo updates. Later, when Peter returned to his room, a member of the team had already adorned the wall with framed pictures, ensuring the cherished memories of their date remained vivid for Peter.

As a part of the Healthcare Homes group, Kingsmead is dedicated to providing personalised care and support that honours the individuality and dignity of each resident. The celebration of love exemplifies the home’s unwavering dedication to creating a nurturing environment where residents can thrive and continue to create cherished memories with their loved ones.