Limetree Care Home in Brixton recently unveiled its newly renovated pub, The Lambeth Arms. 

Bringing the outside world into a care home and creating different environments where residents can spend time, ensures people have the opportunity to engage in their favourite pastimes and visit different settings without leaving the comfort of their home. Providing choice where people spend time is important for their wellbeing and supports dementia care as it can help to bring back memories from the past. 

Peggy is a resident at Limetree, and when she heard that ‘The Lambeth Arms’ was opening inside her home she was very excited, and for good reason. Peggy spent more than 35 years of her life as the landlady of a local pub in Vauxhall, so she was eager to explore the space and relive some cherished memories from her past. 

Alongside her daughter Carole, Home Manager, Jonathan took the pair on a tour of The Lambeth Arms. As soon as Peggy stepped into the room, her face lit up with joy. The small details like the beer mats, dart board and spirit shelf transported Peggy back to her days as a landlady. 

Peggy stepped behind the bar and felt at home looking over the room, and so, with support from the team, Limetree has found their new landlady of The Lambeth Arms. She will serve drinks to residents and teach the team a thing or two about running a successful pub! 

Carole was delighted to see her mum with a smile on her face and said to Jonathan, “Inviting us to explore a space that holds special significance for my Mum who spent over 35 years as a licensee, is truly touching. Walking through the Lambeth Arms not only brought back cherished memories for her but also allowed us to appreciate the effort and care that has been put into creating a space that fosters joy and community spirit for all residents.” 

The Lambeth Arms is officially open at Limetree, so why not go along and get a cold drink from the lovely landlady, Peggy.