As leading Contact Centre and Customer Experience Experts in the UK, Connect Studio are dedicated to transforming how businesses engage with their customers. With communication at the heart of a care home, we are pleased to share an exclusive case study from Tessa Matthews, Head of Marketing & Digital at Four Seasons Health Care Group, to find out about her experience with Connect Studio and the benefits it has offered.

What initiated the decision to begin work with Connect Studio?

Previously we had all our calls going direct to the care homes, and this was taking the team away from providing care in the home. We felt we could have a really dedicated team offering a first port of call for enquiries, leaving the care home teams to spend more time with residents and family members in the home. This has proved really, really successful.

We looked at quite a few contact centre services at the time and chose Connect Studio because they offered exceptional customer service paired with consistent delivery of our brand values, voice and service.

Tell us about the initial sign-up to the partnership, how easy was it to implement the work of the company into the home?

From the start, we encouraged our care homes to view the Connect Studio as an extended part of their team, introducing the service during Home Manager inductions and welcoming in-person visits from the care home teams to see the customer care team in action. We also set up the Connect Studio team with full access to our CRM system, meaning that enquiry updates could be provided to the care home instantly.

What are the main benefits you have experienced since working with Connect Studio?

The team work through the day and into the evening and throughout the weekend and we are confident that they are capturing all the information that the home needs and are making a really nice first introduction to the home.

Having Connect Studio so embedded within our business means that we can test and trial changes to our support for enquirers in a very agile way. We know that when someone is looking for care, they may be facing many challenges, such as caring for the person they are looking to care for, so it’s important we are accessible to everyone. The person may not want to speak there and then, so, working with Connect Studio, we have implemented various contact methods and choices, such as website contact forms and email.

We introduced live chat on the website back in 2016, as well as Feefo, which were ground-breaking approaches in the sector at the time, with the help and support of Connect Studio. Working with Connect Studio has meant we can be present whenever and wherever our enquirers and families want us, knowing that our homes are represented in the best way possible.

What feedback have you received from potential residents and their families based on the partnership with Connect Studio?

One of the best parts of my job is reading the positive feedback we receive from families after they have spoken with the customer care team. Their warm and helpful style ensures that everyone during their search for care feels supported and has a wonderful first impression of the care home. This provides the best introduction to our homes and paves the way for a positive visit and admission into the home.

Has working with Connect Studio made it easier to provide more personalised experiences within the home?

I feel it’s important for the enquirer to get a real sense of the home on the phone and to get accurate information about availability in the home. To support this, the team’s care home knowledge base is quite extensive and has up-to-date information on vacancies. This means that the Connect Studio team can tailor the support and information provided to families, and we are able to provide a good balance of tailored, personalised support along with a consistently good approach to call handling and brand messaging.