Established for over 20 years with a group of over 16 care homes, Abbey Healthcare are pioneers in resident independence. In a true example of all that they stand for, we share details on a lovely story which showcases one of their residents, Ann, as a member of their front of house, in a bid to live with purpose.

Living with purpose in a care home is essential for maintaining a sense of fulfilment and well-being. While residing in a care home may present certain limitations, there are still various ways to find purpose and meaning in your daily life and Abbey Healthcare’s Ann Fox is a wonderful example of this.

At the ripe age of 90, as a resident at Aarandale Manor Care Home in London, Ann has begun helping out on the reception area as she commented: “I love to help and feel a part of the team.”

Ann’s husband was a resident at the home and she became fond of the establishment during her visits, so much so that when he passed, Ann moved in. After residing at the home for a short while it became apparent that Ann was able to build relations whilst helping where she could as she said: “I missed my calling in reception work”.

The team offered Ann to step in and help as and where she could due to her wonderfully warm people skills. Ann’s general tasks include answering the phone, taking messages, booking visitor appointments, greeting visitors and taking the daily papers to residents on each floor.

As someone who hasn’t worked in admin before, it seems that Ann has taken to the role like a duck to water with Kirsty Harris of Abbey Healthcare commenting: “The home benefits so much from having Ann as part of the team due to her professionalism.”

Ann’s previous lines of work included managerial roles as she spent time working as a Bar Manager at Law Courts, a Shoe Shop Manager and a Transport Manager, all jobs which have clearly built up her wonderful customer relation skills.

Ann has made such an impression that Kirsty explained even visitors notice when she’s not present, asking where she is and taking the time to comment on how wonderful she is.

Kirsty revealed: “The local GP surgery that visits once a week even asked Ann if she would be interested in a job with them at their surgery. Ann’s answer was ‘no, I’m loyal to my team, but thankyou anyway!” This speaks volumes for Ann’s presence as Kirsty revealed how Ann puts a smile on anyone’s face that she meets.

As a home, Kirsty explained that they will continue to ensure Ann has this purpose and will adjust to her needs as time progresses: “I’ve made this promise to her and it’s a promise I will keep. She is a star in all of our eyes and a fantastic woman, friend, colleague and, of course, resident.”

Living with purpose is something which is hugely important to Abbey Healthcare’s ethos as they continue to encourage residents to do the things that make them happy and it’s certainly working for Ann as she said: “To feel I am being useful, and have a purpose in life, even at the ripe old age of 90 makes me feel happier than I ever have and extremely valued.”

The role which Ann is in has been and will continue to be organised with her independence in mind and seems to be a perfect introduction to benefit everyone at the home. We hope you love reading Ann’s story and much as we did. If you have any more like this, do feel free to get in touch with