After a successful six month trial and in-depth evaluation. L&M Healthcare and Nordoff and Robbins have signed a 12 month contract to continue to deliver weekly music therapy sessions at Hulton House in Preston. 

The weekly sessions, which consist of group and one to one music therapy for residents living with complex dementia, have had a significant impact on their well-being and engagement. An in-depth service evaluation showed that overall music therapy was seen to have a positive impact in four key areas. 

 • Enabling people to engage in music by 93% of respondents 

• Quality and wellbeing of life by 84% of respondents 

• Interaction, communication and /or relationships by 92% of respondents 

• Improving the atmosphere in the home by 100% of respondents 

L&M Healthcare echoed the findings in the evaluation. Louise Harder, Interim Group Lead of Activities said, ‘The change in atmosphere is very evident once music therapy sessions begin. Residents soon become engaged, and it doesn’t take long before more residents want to join in. Over the weeks we have come to call these sessions ‘Magic Music Therapy Mondays’, because of the wonderful breakthrough moments we regularly observe.We often see new behaviours, such as joining in a group session for the first time ever, singing for the first time ever, and playing an instrument for the first time. Our music therapist Debbie is loved by all our residents, she has an innate way of gently encouraging residents to engage with her and enjoy themselves.’ 

‘We are delighted to be in a position to invest in a further 12 months of weekly music therapy sessions. The benefits are significant and evidence the pledges we set out in our dementia strategy for 2023-26 in order to deliver meaningful person-cared care to all our residents.’ Said Head of Operations and Quality Sam Yardley. 

The music therapy sessions are run every Monday by musician and qualified music therapist Debbie Jones. All residents have access to this service and sessions are either carried out in residents’ rooms, or communal areas such as quiet lounges or larger hub areas. Each resident has an assessment prior to sessions starting and each session has a written record of what has taken place highlighting any new observations/new information learned. 

‘Our pilot project at Hulton House has been a great success and we are so pleased to have seen Debbie welcomed warmly by the residents and staff and for the work to now be continuing for a further year. Debbie’s sensitive work and focus on what the client can do in the music has enabled her clients to feel empowered, valued for their musical and social contributions and has helped to reconnect them with a sense of self and awareness during the musical interactions. We really are excited to see how our relationship with L&M Healthcare will develop in the future.’ 

Seb Munday, Regional Manager, North West and North Wales Nordoff and Robbins.