Lin is a resident at The Willows Care Home in Milton Keynes and is visited every day by her beloved husband of 22 years, Brian. 

Despite living separately, their love for each other grows stronger every day and it’s easy to tell they are true soul mates. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Brian and Lin wanted to share their love story in the hopes it will inspire others not to let anything get in the way of love! 

It all started when Brian moved back to his home in Milton Keynes upon completing his studies in Brighton. Because he had been living away, Brian didn’t have any furniture in his house, but luckily, his friend knew a lady who was looking to give away her furniture after splitting from her husband. Brian immediately said he would accept the furniture, and so, headed over to the address to collect the items. 

When he saw Lin, who was giving away her furniture, he immediately recognised her from his old workplace. Lin equally couldn’t believe it was Brian collecting her furniture and got a little jittery as she had always had a soft spot for him. After catching up and laughing together, Brian leaned in for a kiss, not knowing this would be the start of an exciting chapter in their lives. 

After their wonderful first few dates, Brian and Lin began seeing each other! They took things slowly for about a year, before deciding to move in together. As both Lin and Brian had been married before, he didn’t want to ask for her hand in marriage, so instead, he said they should skip straight to the honeymoon and enjoy a nice holiday together. 

But after a few years, Brian decided it was time to ask Lin to marry him! Although he was nervous because they had both been married before, he plucked up the courage and Lin said yes! They tied the knot in the registry office near Willen Lake in 2002 and were the first couple to have a hand-fasting blessing on the lake. Taking their connection one step further, Lin and Brian got their wedding rings tattooed on opposite arms, so when they held each other’s hands, their tattooed rings would also touch. 

Brian and Lin share so much in common, including their love of motorbikes, but the biggest love they share to this day is each other. The way they look at each other and support each other brings a tear to the eye of team members at The Willows. Brian and Lin’s life together is a real love story!