Whilst their core business is within the hospitality sector, Fletcher Oils offer multiple services to ensure your care home is making a sustainable name for itself, whilst boosting profits. We caught up with Rob Murphy, Owner of Fletcher Oils, as he details how your home can partner with the brand and the benefits this collaboration could offer.

We are passionate about helping our care home partners because of the wonderful work they do as well as the fact we are conscious that they have always been overlooked by the used cooking oil collection sector, thus missing out on the opportunity to receive the rebate they deserve.

Essentially, we offer two services to the care sector – Fletcher Oils and Fletcher Recycling:

Fletcher Oils

Fletcher Oils collect used cooking oil from many care homes across the UK. Waste oil has a value and the Fletcher Oils goal is to ensure all our care home partners receive a fair and correct payment.

We pay 25p per litre for oil based on a minimum collected volume of 60 litres. We lock in this excellent rebate for six months at a time: next period is September 2023 through to February 2024 with the fuel market being reviewed twice per year and adjusting the rebate if required.

We also ensure every drop of a care home’s used cooking oil it is recovered into clean, green biofuel.

We can provide homes with an oil container if required (blue barrel, no charge) or the oil can be put back into the containers it was purchased in. Collections are simple to arrange, once the home has 60 litres ready, they can reach out whichever way is convenient to them and we will organise everything for them. All regulatory paperwork is completed and payments are made by BACs.

In addition to purchasing clients’ used cooking oil, we can also provide a range of fresh cooking oils for in-home use. Due to the very large volume of oils we supply, we are able to deliver 20 litre Rapeseed Oil and 20 litre Vegetable Oil at excellent prices. We fix our fresh oil prices for three months at a time and for September through November, care homes can purchase Rapeseed for £32.99 and Vegetable Oil for just £29.99 (both based on a minimum order of four tubs).

Fletcher Recycling

After being regularly asked by many of our care home partners if we can help them with recycling their waste batteries, we teamed up with a large UK waste battery contractor to offer our care home partners a very affordable solution.

It had never occurred to us that care homes get through a lot of batteries and I’m sure we all share the desire to ensure these are recycled sustainably and efficiently.

For a one-off initial fee of £25 per box, Fletcher Oils will:

  • Deliver a Battery Recycling Box to your care home(s).
  • When your box is full, you call the number printed on the box.
  • Our partner will empty your box.
  • If your box has become damaged, our partner will give you a free replacement.

Waste Battery Collections are free of charge, every time. This is achievable due to the Government’s Battery Waste: Retailer and Distributor Responsibilities Scheme; sometimes known as the ‘takeback’ scheme.

In 2020, around 40,000 tonnes of portable batteries were sold in the UK, but only around 18,000 tonnes being recycled. We all need to do our bit to increase that number and we can help.

To find out more about initiating a partnership with us, visit www.fletcheroils.co.uk/care