Methven has launched a new range of shower and tapware solutions designed for optimum ease of use, safety and efficiency in care environments.

The Avoca range reflects a growing appetite for clean, sophisticated and modern stylings in the bathroom and consists of a cold start basin mixer, thermostatic bath filler, thermostatic bath shower mixer and a cool touch bar valve with Satinjet® showering technology.

The range’s expertly crafted lever handles mean it is suitable for all domestic settings including care homes, and for ultimate safety the mixer valves are TMV2 approved. 

The cold start function utilised in the basin mixer offers users water and energy saving benefits by having a starting position of running cold water, meaning that boilers aren’t engaged until purposefully instructed to do so by the user.

Emma Foster, Head of Marketing and Product at Methven, said: “Creating amazing water experiences is what we do every day at Methven and have done since 1886. 

“Today, we are world renowned for beautifully designed, award-winning showers, taps and valves.

“Methven’s Avoca range combines our history of creating amazing water experiences with a fresh, modern approach to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency and design.

“The range is tailor made for regular usage in environments where safety and water efficiency are paramount. The safety and water saving features will be particularly important to care environment operators.”

In line with Methven’s wider commitment to water saving across its products, the Avoca range utilises the water saving technology the brand has long been recognised as a leader in.

The Avoca basin mixer is optimised to perform at a 4L/min, while the range’s shower handsets feature patented Satinjet or Satinjet Low Flow showering technology. 

Unlike other manufacturers, Methven have designed and engineered their showerheads to provide an immersive shower experience using up to 60% less water than traditional shower heads.

The R+D team from New Zealand have decades of experience designing showerheads for water stressed Australian and New Zealand homes, where much lower flow rates than the UK are a legal requirement.

Satinjet uses unique twin-jet technology to create optimum water droplet size and pressure, with over 300,000 droplets per second, resulting in a full-body shower sensation that transforms your regular shower.

The range has also been created with the ease of install in mind, including fast fix valve and rail connections making installation a straightforward process, providing time and cost savings.

Emma Foster said: “We engineer with the installer in mind, so all of our products are easy to fit and maintain with regular checks.

“When looking at the installation of an Avoca shower, there is no need to find a Part P plumber either, which will reduce fitting costs. 

“When considering the need for any potential parts for replacements down the line, we maintain strong stock levels and are always on hand to support.”

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