Miele Professional’s latest range of commercial washing machines supports greater reductions in overheads, including water and energy as well as shorter cycle times

Leading whitegoods manufacturer Miele Professional has introduced a new line of washers and dryers to its popular Benchmark range, designed to provide significant reductions in overheads such as water and energy, and time, compared to its predecessor.

Washing machines from this model series will now be available with a load capacity of 9kg – 11kg, accompanied by dryers with matching load sizes, offering users the convenience and programme diversity of the larger machines which have been available since 2021. Its high laundry throughput combined with its unique features meet the highest demands posed by modern day laundry care; providing the perfect solution for all industries including care and nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics.

With sustainable efficiency at its core, the Performance machines have a 50% lower energy consumption, 14% lower water consumption and a 9% shorter cycle time compared to previous machines in the same size range which Miele sold as Octoplus models. The Performance Plus machines also excel at sustainable usage, having a 45% lower energy consumption, 18% lower water consumption and a 15% shorter cycle time.

Washing consumption values are as low as 7.2 litres per kg of laundry for the Performance and Performance Plus, achieved through functions such as the EcoSpeed drum rhythm, helping businesses save around 1 litre of water per kg of load. Users can also expect short cycle times for maximum efficiency. A 11kg laundry load, for example, can be thoroughly washed and left with only 48% residual moisture in 49 minutes. This means up to 11,250 more towels can be washed per working year in the PWM 509 than in its predecessor, the PW 5082. Over the same period, water consumption is reduced by approximately 20,000 litres.

To ensure laundry managers can meet the most demanding challenges, innovative technology is instilled throughout each model, including powerful, frequency-controlled asynchronous motors which promise smooth cycles at high speeds as well as Miele’s patented honeycomb drum 2.0 for optimum laundry care.

Programmes can be adapted to individual user and business requirements. The Performance Plus has more than 90 wash programmes in channel-specific packages and the Performance line features 38 programmes tailored to the specific needs of clients, whereby most of the features were previously the preserve of flagship models.  These include cycles for bedding and curtains and a programme package for care and nursing homes and hospitals. These ensure top-class cleaning results combined with the effective use of resources. Thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programmes are also available to ensure hygiene compliance, preventing the spread of infection.

For simple and initiative operation, Miele M Touch Pro controls have been installed, making the Benchmark washers easy to use for any user. This includes a full colour touch screen display that is clearly structured, with 31 languages options available. The washing machines are also linked to Miele MOVE, an integrated platform solution designed to bring efficiencies to the commercial laundry processes of its customers; providing more control over locations, utilisation, performance data and troubleshooting processes.

Simon Venni, Head of Sales at Miele Professional, comments on the launch saying: “At Miele Professional, our ethos of ‘Immer Besser’ means we strive to continuously do better in everything we do. Adding the 9-11kg washers and dryers into our Benchmark series provide more choice for businesses whilst supporting reductions in their overheads which is crucial during the cost-of-living crisis and in a time of inflation”.

“With sustainability becoming an increasing priority amongst customers, and a growing demand by the government; each model of our Benchmark washers has been built with sustainability in mind, supporting businesses to reduce their environmental footprint”.

The latest generation of Benchmark washers meets the highest requirement of quality and durability, in keeping with Miele’s fundamental values, as they are built to last for 30,000 operating hours.