Healthcare Homes is proud to spotlight the groundbreaking visual and sound therapy program happening within Mill Lane care home, based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. 

The team at Mill Lane are going above and beyond for those in their care, introducing an initiative aimed to enhancing the well-being of residents, particularly those facing mobility and sensory challenges. 

By leveraging visualisations and soothing sounds, such as waves crashing and children playing, caregivers take residents on immersive sensory journeys, fostering relaxation and joy.

One remarkable success story from this program involves a resident who, despite physical limitations, found immense pleasure in visualising a sunny day at the beach. With sounds of waves and laughter filling the room, he smiled and even mimicked sunbathing, demonstrating the visceral impact of this therapeutic technique.

Another instance involves another resident who, following a guided meditation session, experienced remarkable tranquillity and calmness, dismissing her previous agitation. Through personalised one-on-one sessions focusing on breathing techniques, the team were able to provide a sense of peace and relaxation, significantly improving the resident’s mood and well-being.

“Supporting meaningful engagement for residents living with advanced dementia is so important for wellbeing, however, it is complex.” Said Suzanne Brindley, Manager at Mill Lane. “The team’s work with guided meditation and visualisation is a joy to watch. Responses from residents, however small, are proof that these expressive and relaxing interactions are taking place. It is a reward for staff who put so much effort into this exchange.”

The program’s success highlights Healthcare Homes’ dedication to implementing innovative solutions that enhance the well-being of residents, in all of their homes and branches. As the organisation continues to prioritise holistic care approaches, it remains at the forefront of shaping the future of care, and the quality of life for their service users.

For more information about Mill Lane and the care they provide, please visit or contact 01394 338776.