Iris, who lives at Dovecote Manor Care Home in Milton Keynes recently reunited with one of her best friends after 40 years apart! 

Iris and Linda met when they were 16 years old whilst working as estate agents. They quickly became best friends and did everything together! They would always be seen together at work events and go out dancing in the local town. 

Iris was thrilled when she was asked to be a bridesmaid at Linda’s sister’s wedding. It was a wonderful day, and many cherished memories were made that Iris still holds dear to this day. 

The pair worked together in their twenties, but after moving homes and starting families, they unfortunately lost touch with each other. 

After not seeing each other for 40 years, Linda began trying to find Iris through Friends Reunited and other social platforms. Keen to reunite with her best friend, Linda managed to find Iris’ son, Paul and wrote him a letter explaining how she would love to reunite with his mum and rekindle their friendship. 

After receiving the letter, Iris’ daughter, Lisa, passed on her phone and spoke with Linda. Hearing the stories from their younger years and the friendship they had, Lisa helped the pair to reunite at Dovecote Manor Care Home, where Iris is living. 

It was a heartwarming moment when Linda arrived at Dovecote Manor and saw her old friend. There were lots of happy tears as they reconnected, had a much-needed catch-up, and shared memories they made together in their 20s. It was almost like they had never been apart and proves true friendship can stand the test of time and distance. 

Now they’re back in touch, the team looks forward to seeing their friendship continue to blossom as they make new memories together.