After previously introducing you to Famileo, the innovative brand which transforms photos and messages from family members into personalised physical newspapers for care home residents, we are pleased to share case studies from two care homes who explain first-hand the benefits the platform has on their residents, staff and relatives alike.

Famileo supports care homes, families and residents to maintain communication which is sometimes lost when relatives move out of the family home. Below, we speak with Jaide Foster- Haworth, Activities Coordinator at MHA Pennystone Court Care Home and Sharon Holston, Activities Coordinator at MHA Chapel Fields in Frodsham, who are each in charge of the weekly Famileo dose in their homes, here, we to delve into the benefits as we learn the true magic of Famileo.

When did you start working with Famileo?

Sharon: “It was right around the end of the COVID pandemic. We had a team meeting and Famileo was brought to us. I was keen to give it a try as I am an advocate for anything that will offer a bit of ‘niceness’ for our residents. It seemed a lot of work in the beginning and I felt as if it could be a bit overwhelming, but it really wasn’t, it was so straightforward because the instructions are so in-depth. Since we started using it, it’s gone from strength to strength and now 47 out of my 54 residents are registered.”

Jaide: “I’ve only been working at this home since January but it has been a staple in my routine since then. I’ve never heard of anything like Famileo before; I’ve been working in care for six years and I think it’s genius. At first I was daunted because it sounded a bit too technical but it is so, so easy to use.”

Do you think Famileo has also worked so well because of the support the brand offer you?

Sharon: Definitely, the team I speak with at Famileo are lovely and so helpful. Also, I really do push it quite a lot because I can see first-hand the smiles on the resident’s faces.”

Jaide: “Certainly. Every time I speak with Kelly from Famileo, it’s like we’ve known each other for ages. I know I can always go to her if I’m worried about anything. These newspapers need to run like clockwork because of the vast effect they have on our residents, so the support is needed and very well executed.”

What were the main reasons Famileo stuck out and made you want to give it a go?

Sharon: “I love that it’s visual and for the people who can’t read for themselves, I read it with them, so it works for everyone. It offers one-to-one time and also it’s there forever, they don’t expire. I put them all in folders so we can reminisce back if a resident mentions somebody, I can say: ‘oh, well let’s have a look what they did last week or the week before.’ We have one lady here and her granddaughter recently bought a house in Devon – I know that she will never be able to go to that house but she’s been able to watch the renovations unfold right in front of her eyes because of Famileo and now she feels like she’s been there. I can also send photos directly back, so I could respond to that with a photo of her grandmother with a tambourine joining in one of our music therapy classes, so that way, everyone is in the know.”

How often do your residents have a newspaper from Famileo?

Sharon: “Every Monday, even if it’s a bank holiday, and my goodness do they look forward to it. Many of our residents swear by routine and this is a really important part of it.

Jaide: “We get to choose when residents have them, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly but ours have it every Monday and they relish the moment the chaplain comes round with them.”

What kind of benefits have you seen amongst the residents since implementing the newspapers into the home?

Sharon: “Our residents are so proud when they receive them, they love showing them off, so they often share them around which is great for starting conversations in the home, which I think is massively improving their quality of life. I love that it goes back to what they’re used too. Everything is so heavily technology-based nowadays but this is going from technology back to a newspaper, which they can easily associate their past with and its familiarity.

Jaide: “Our residents love it. They know when to expect it on a Monday afternoon and honestly, their faces light up. I think it’s the fact the feel ‘in the know’ – it really bridges the barrier of separation from the world outside the care home.”

How do you use Famileo in your successful marketing strategies?

Sharon: “I do most of the show arounds here and always make sure I include Famileo in my welcome pack to promote it – families absolutely love it.”

Jaide: “Whenever our management team are showing potential residents around, I am always brought in and introduced and given the opportunity to give a run-down of what we use in the home. I always make sure I mention Famileo and give them a leaflet on how it works, it’s a great unique selling point.”

To work with Famileo or to see a demonstration, contact 01823711679 or email