Premier Foods has just launched McDougalls Vegan Jelly into the foodservice sector, which has been officially certified by the Vegan Society. With research showing that the number of vegans in UK residential and nursing care homes has doubled in the last 10 years*, this addition to the McDougalls range offers an inclusive dessert product for chefs to work with.

McDougalls Vegan Jelly comes in three flavours—orange, strawberry and raspberry – and has a two-hour setting time. Unlike traditional jellies that require a combination of boiling and cold water, McDougalls Vegan Jelly simplifies the process by utilising 100% boiling water, making it a convenient choice for busy kitchens.

Sarah Robb, foodservice marketing manager, Premier Foods Foodservice said:

“McDougalls vegan jelly provides care home caterers with an inclusive dessert option, reducing the need for multiple products.

“Vegan jelly, being such a versatile ingredient can be enjoyed on its own, topped or set with fruit, or incorporated into other desserts with other ingredients, such as Angel Delight.”