A luxury all-inclusive care home in Reading brought residents on a fun-filled day out to a local fun fair.

Shinfield View, which is part of the Berkley Care Group, took some of their residents to Coneley’s Fair, which visits the village green every May. The annual outing is eagerly anticipated by both the residents and the fair organisers, with whom they have developed a warm relationship over the years.

Upon arrival, the residents were welcomed by the vibrant sights and sounds of the fair. They enjoyed some of the many stalls and sweet treats available, especially the pink and blue candy floss and pick ‘n’ mix sweets.

Many shared stories of their youth, attending fairs, and the fun they had, remembering riding the Waltzers with their friends and spouses.

A highlight of the outing was the Hook-a-Duck game, where everyone won a teddy bear of their choice. There were smiles all around as they held their newly won prizes.

Residents enjoyed their annual visit supported by the care home’s activities team. The organisers, familiar with many Shinfield View residents, ensured their comfort and enjoyment throughout the day.

Although opting out of the dodgems, the residents enjoyed watching the children enjoy themselves.

Commenting on the celebrations, Laura McSoley, Shinfield View’s Activities Coordinator, said:

“It was such a delight to take our residents out on a memorable outing to Coneley’s Fun Fair. The residents particularly enjoyed playing Hook-a-Duck and speaking with the fair workers that we’ve befriended over the years.

“The exciting games and stalls on offer made the residents’ day and the stories they told of their own experiences brought a sense of nostalgia as the day came to an end. 

“It’s these cherished moments and shared stories that make our trips truly special. At Shinfield View we always strive to organise exciting events and outings which can help create more lasting memories.”