The surprise visit to Red Roofs was orchestrated by Vijesh John, manager at The Fryer’s Club, whose daughter, Liora, was celebrating her 6th birthday. As part of her celebrations, he wanted to share the importance of being kind to others.

He said:

“As part of our family’s culture and tradition, we like to give to others, particularly on our birthdays. We have always had a wonderful relationship with Red Roofs, and we wanted to thank them for the kindness and compassion they show to their community with some fish and chips. I wanted my daughter to experience the good feeling that comes when we are looking after others and demonstrating acts of kindness in our community.

“It was so lovely to see them tuck into their fish and chips, it brought a smile to everyone’s faces, and it was lovely to see the warm interaction with my daughter.”

Regular visits from youngsters to the Red Roofs community are a joyful experience, and being positive is one of the key ways to ensure their well-being. From nursery children coming in and singing their favourite songs to acts of kindness, such as that of Liora, are gratefully welcomed into the community. It is activities like these which offer up the opportunity to build successful bridges across generations.

Red Roofs Residential Care Home, part of the Red Homes Healthcare group, knows how important being part of a community is and has built up long-lasting relationships with many local organisations such as The Fryer’s Club.

Red Roofs’ deputy manager Danni Mew said:

“We are so proud of our lovely Liora. What an absolute sweetheart and how amazing of her father, VJ, to encourage and support such a generous act of kindness.

“We all love our food here at Red Roofs and we have a wonderful team of cooks that serve delicious and nutritious food everyday including firm family favourites. However, who doesn’t love the occasional ‘fish and chip’ supper straight from the local chippy!

“The aroma was divine, as was the taste, and the looks on our residents’ faces as they reminisced about their ‘fish and chip’ stories was wonderful.

“They always love a visit from our community friends but especially from our children.

“We have a lovely relationship with VJ and The Fryer’s Club. They are all so friendly and helpful.”

“It was a pleasure to see how much joy she brought them. The owner Sunny (Sunil Mehta) and manager VJ (Vijesh John) are treasured members of our community.”