Knitting has recently become a popular pastime with the people living at Aliwal Manor Care Home, after the introduction of ‘Knit and Natter’ sessions and one resident’s desire to take on a knitting challenge!

Pam lives at Aliwal Manor Care Home and had a passion for knitting in her younger years, but over time she slowly found herself knitting less and less.  After years of not knitting at all, Pam was gifted a bag of knitted squares, which brought back many happy memories and the feeling she used to get when making different knitted creations. After this, Pam decided to start knitting again! Seeing that she was an able knitter, Lifestyle Coordinator Kerry challenged Pam to knit some triangles that could be made into bunting. Pam was hesitant at first and doubted her abilities, but after 10 days, Pam had knitted 27 triangle shapes! These triangles were then stitched together and displayed in her room to add some colour to her walls. Pam was delighted with what she had achieved, and the team noticed an improvement to her wellbeing. Pam said, “I was anxious about taking on a new project as I wondered if I was capable, but once I had done a couple of triangles and with the encouragement from Kerry there was no stopping me.”

Seeing Pam’s rapid progress and how much she enjoyed this knitting project, Kerry began to ask other people living at Aliwal if they would like to have a go at knitting.  As a keen knitter herself, Kerry cast a couple of stitches onto a pair of knitting needles and took them around the home to inspire others to have a go. This proved very popular and helped people to remember their knitting skills from the past.

Seeing how much interest knitting was starting to receive, Kerry decided to set her next knitting challenge. In theme with the Autumn season, Kerry knitted a small pumpkin shape and challenged others to see if they could create their own. Before long, everyone wanted to have a go!

With many residents taking on the pumpkin challenge, their aim was to make enough to gift one to each person living at Aliwal Manor. Within a couple of weeks and with the knit and natter group growing in numbers week by week, they had created enough pumpkins for all! Thanks to Kerry, residents of Aliwal have re-engaged with a hobby from their past and some have even taken it up as a new pastime!

Knitting has taken the residents of Aliwal Manor by storm and it’s now a well enjoyed activity amongst many of the people who live there. Not only have they all made items they can be proud of, but knitting has also had a profound positive impact on their wellbeing. Their advice to everyone reading this? ‘Get knitting!’