Quality and reliability secure Miele’s future with Anchor Hanover and we have the details.

Anchor Hanover has been providing care and housing for the over 55s in England for over 50 years. The merged group (bringing together Anchor Trust and Hanover Housing Association in 2018) offer an impressive choice of housing, care homes and services at almost 1,700 locations across England. The merged organisation has four key values: Accountability; Respectful; Courageousness; Honest. The business is focused on providing services that embody these key values for both its customers and its 9000+ staff. 

Following the merger, Rashid Bahadur, who is a buyer for Anchor Hanover, was handed the responsibility of reassessing the group’s current suppliers. For the laundry section this was made simpler as both Anchor and Hanover had contracts in place with Miele. As a combined organisation Anchor Hanover have had a relationship with Miele for over 18 years and were very happy with the products that were being used. But in order to meet the requirements of the merger, Rashid approached the staff who were using the equipment to ensure that they were happy continuing with Miele.

“I asked the group what they thought about the possibility of moving suppliers away from Miele to a different laundry company or going to the market to see if there was a better provider we could work with. The response back from our managers was incredibly supportive of the existing contract we had in place with the key comments focusing on the reliability and quality of the existing Miele equipment, the positive relationship with the service engineers, and the ability of the engineers to provide a first-time fix. This is crucial when the machines are operating 24/7” commented Rashid.

Continuing, he added: “Discovering that our homes were happy with the Miele products and the service that we were receiving was great. One of the key benefits of working with Miele is the way in which the company carries out the pre-installation site inspections. This enables any potential challenges to be identified before the installation is carried out so that, on the day that the new install takes place, it is simply a case of ‘out with the old machine and in with the new one”.

The Miele equipment also provides Anchor Hanover with other benefits. The auto-dosing system saves the staff in the homes considerable time when using the equipment, as there is no need to fill the system each time with washing powder and liquid. The systems are essentially a press and go operation which means that staff can get on with other jobs whilst the laundry is being done in the background.

“Feedback from our staff has reinforced our belief that Miele offers the best products for the job. They have told us that the products work extremely well and are quick to operate with simple to understand controls. The equipment is really reliable, and we have the added confidence of the warranty in place with a dedicated resource at Miele so that any issues we have are dealt with straight away,” said Rashid.