The Residential & Home Care Show was well-organised and well-attended. We had plenty of meaningful conversations with decision makers in the health and care industries, which was exactly what we set out to achieve. In fact, as a direct result of exhibiting at this event, we will be implementing our smart badge intelligence system, which we built especially for frontline workers, across several health and care sites throughout the UK.

We particularly liked the layout of the exhibition floor, as it gave plenty of opportunity for all exhibitors to interact with attendees – we felt like real consideration had been given to the flow of traffic throughout the hall, and it didn’t feel as if any of the booths had been shoe-horned in as an afterthought .

With this in mind, I would still advise anyone attending to arrive early on the day, in order to get a feel for the layout and the agenda, so as to better manage the spikes in traffic throughout the day.