With the help of industry experts, we look at innovations in laundry technology and how they can affect your care home.

In the realm of care, every aspect of daily living holds significance, and one often overlooked, yet vital, component is laundry care. Within care homes, the laundry process plays a pivotal role in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and comfort for residents. However, traditional laundry practices in these settings can be labour-intensive, time-consuming and resource-draining.

Fortunately, the landscape of care home laundry is rapidly evolving, with innovative technologies and strategies emerging to streamline operations, improve efficiency and elevate the overall standard of care. From advanced washing machines to eco-friendly detergents, innovations in care home laundry are transforming the way facilities manage this essential aspect of resident wellbeing.

In this article, we delve into the exciting developments reshaping care home laundry services. We explore the challenges faced by traditional methods, highlight the benefits of modern solutions, and showcase innovative technologies and practices revolutionising the care home laundry experience.

Care homes typically use industrial-grade washing machines and dryers designed to handle large volumes of laundry efficiently. These machines are equipped with advanced features, such as programmable wash cycles, precise temperature control and automatic detergent dispensing.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology can now be employed to track individual items of clothing and linen. Each item is tagged with an RFID chip, allowing staff to monitor the location of the items throughout the laundry process. This helps prevent loss, ensure timely delivery of clean laundry and maintain an accurate inventory.

Clare Humphrey, Country Marketing & Product Manager GB & IRE at Miele, acknowledged that high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are crucial in care homes and nursing facilities, encompassing the upkeep of laundry, workwear and textiles. Miele MOVE, by Miele Professional, is a digital platform that connects commercial machines, improves processes, optimises hygiene and infection control and helps to cut running costs, by combining intelligent assistance tools with user-friendly interfaces, increasing the efficiency and transparency of machine management within care homes.

In hygiene-sensitive environments like care homes, ensuring safety is paramount. Miele MOVE addresses this by minimising downtimes and risks through automatic fault reports, which can be sent directly to Miele or certified service partners to expedite the repair process. Clare added, “Additionally, Miele MOVE streamlines daily routines for care workers by providing real-time updates on machine status and programme sequences, enhancing productivity, so that care providers can prioritise important tasks without needing to worry about the laundry process.”

With the rising cost of living, care homes should look to invest in energy-efficient laundry equipment to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. Modern washing machines and dryers often feature energy-saving modes, water-recycling systems and improved insulation to minimise energy consumption.

In order to operate cost-effectively and manage budgets, care homes require a clear understanding of their energy consumption when it comes to laundry. Miele MOVE provides a comprehensive overview of water usage, programme durations, utilisation rates and downtime, crucial factors in reducing operational costs. Clare added, “By offering insights into resource utilisation, the platform enables more efficient resource allocation and facilitates proactive capacity planning and sustainable practices, resulting in optimised operations and budgetary control.”

There is an abundance of potential benefits for staff and residents alike in care homes as a result of implementing the latest advancements in laundry technology to. In care homes, staff routines are meticulously planned for obvious reasons and, with Miele MOVE, time is saved for care givers as it automatically updates the team on machine status and any incidents that may occur. This gives direct awareness of the availability and run time of machines for staff, and provides technicians with detailed reports, enhancing productivity and accelerating operations with digitalisation.

With optimal practices in place thanks to the digitalisation of the laundry management process, staff can spend less time dealing with laundry management and spend more time giving vital care to their residents, giving them the highest level of service. 

The advancements in laundry technologies, including Miele MOVE, within care homes represent a significant stride towards enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and improving operational efficiencies for staff. From eco-friendly detergents to state-of-the-art washing machines and automated folding systems, these innovations not only ensure cleaner, softer fabrics, but also contribute to a healthier environment and streamline the laundry process. By embracing such innovations, care homes can uphold their commitment to providing exceptional care, while simultaneously reducing costs and environmental impact. As we continue to witness further developments in this field, it’s clear that the future of laundry in care homes is bright, promising more comfort, convenience and sustainability for residents and caregivers alike.