If you operate or own a care home you are likely owed thousands of pounds in energy compensation. A bold statement but one that the MD of The Crystal Clear Claims Co. can substantiate.

Until recently, the energy brokering market was an unregulated industry, which means there was very little protection from bad practice.

It has been established that high levels of commission, on average equating between 20-50% of a business’ annual energy spending, can be earmarked as broker commission. This commission was rarely made clear to customers and is still somewhat a tricky issue to tackle today.

Thankfully, it is now a requirement of most energy suppliers that brokers disclose these, more often than not, disproportionate and sizable margins before a business is entered into, often unfavourable, energy contracts.

The way brokers make their commission is by utilising an uplift model, which is the extra cost they add to your energy bills. By way of example, just 1p uplift sounds great until you start using a million units (kwh) per annum, which is so easily attained in the care industry. A 1p uplift on one million unit equates to a £10,000 commission. However, a 1p uplift is very rare, most brokers add a 2 or even 3p uplift, massively increasing a business’s costs. Add to that the lengthy contract terms businesses are sometimes unknowingly entered into and you start to see six and seven figure commissions being pulled out of customers, customers that are left wondering why their energy bills can double, triple and even go tenfold on their previous costs.

Now, thanks to companies like The Crystal Clear Claims Co. there is a means of recourse.

The Crystal Clear Claims Co. was established to help business claim back these huge sums without causing extra complications and problems for businesses just like those in the care service industry whom have limited time and are stretched thin as it is providing the services they do.

“Sadly, the care industry, has been, for some time, viewed as a cash cow for brokers, but that time is over and now we can take action”.

Ben Laidlow and his company try to make things, excuse the pun, Crystal Clear. It was with this idea in mind that he decided to try and lead by example. Ben will demonstrate the right way of righting the wrongs of a wholly inadequate, profit centric, way of thinking.

By working with trusted solicitors, who are well versed in commercial litigation, The Crystal Clear Claims Co. aim to maintain transparency and openness while trying to aid in recouping losses some business didn’t know they had suffered. Solicitors they work with have capped fees at 35% to ensure customers receive as much of their money back as possible.

Add to this Crystal’s’ efforts to act in as reputable a manner as possible and they quickly become a valid option for those wishing to at least find out if they were affected.

The Crystal Clear Claims Co. takes a different approach to reclamation too, as they do not take a penny of your claim, the MD opted to be paid a referral fee from the solicitors they work with and that’s all they receive.

“I’m proud to say, as far as I am aware, we are the only company operating in this way, I believe in a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work” say’s the MD of The Crystal Clear Claims Co. Ben Laidlow,

He continues, “No smoke, no mirrors, no muddy water, I want to play a part in how this industry is shaped moving forwards.”

“We are not tied, partnered or affiliated with any energy suppliers or utility brokers, again, I believe we are the only company setup to truly put the customer first”.

The process of getting back your overpayments is simple, The Crystal Clear Claims Co. firstly, discuss your experience with brokers. With a stringent criterion to meet we can very quickly ascertain whether you may be due redress. If you were rushed, pushed, coerced or even had scare tactics used against you, we can help. If they did not tell you how much commission they were adding onto the cost your contract/s we can assess the contracts you have placed with your brokers. Once their fact finding is completed, Ben or his team, will present you with a full report of their findings along with a reliable estimate of commission owed to you.

At this point you have two options:-

1) Allow The Crystal Clear Claims Co. to do all the work for you – at no cost to you.

2) Take the report and make the claim yourself.

If you choose The Crystal Clear Claims Co. to pursue your claim for mis-sold energy, they will pass this report to their solicitors, validating everything and then they do all the work in the background whilst you carry on looking after your business.

Expected settlement timelines can range from a few weeks to 18 months depending on a few variables such as the complexity of your case, the number of brokers or energy suppliers involved etc.

All the work The Crystal Clear Claims Co. carries out is free from obligation and there is no commitment to go ahead should you decide not to.

“We won’t force anyone’s hand or make decisions for you. We believe in simply presenting the facts to educate people, they can make their decisions based on those facts,” said Ben.

The Crystal Clear Claims Co. can also act as an energy advisor to any business who wants to bypass all the confusion of energy contracts. It can appear to be very daunting to know just who wants to help you and who just wants your money.

With all of this in mind, it is refreshing to find a business with Ben’s ethos and he is shining a light on not only bad business practice of old and a ‘let’s take advantage’ approach to a lack of energy industry straight talk, but guiding businesses through a minefield of jargon, wool pulling and mis-information.

The Crystal Clear Claims Co’s doors are open to every business in the UK and invite all from small, one-man band start-ups to large well-established corporations, to undertake a free assessment to establish what may be possible for them in terms of reclamation efforts. Not only do they wish to educate and act in this respect, but Ben wants to help businesses understand the potential pitfalls they face concerning the industries we have mentioned.

“We could go over the whole, what, where, why, when and how’s of my and other energy associated industries until the cows come home but I think the best way to do this is to just have an open conversation, if something comes of it and we get the ball rolling to getting your money back, we consider that a victory”.

Give Ben and The Crystal Clear Claims Co. a go and see what they can do for you.