A leading health and social care training provider has unveiled six specialisms to allow learners to develop in-depth knowledge in a particular area relevant to their role.

Realise, one of the country’s largest providers of apprenticeships and diplomas, said the newly-announced specialisms better reflect the evolution and requirements of the sector and will form an integral part of its training offering moving forward.

The six specialisms are: Community Care Services, Dementia Care Services, Elderly Residential Care Services, Learning Disability Care Services, Mental Health Care Services and Treatment and Recovery Care Services.

Lesley O’Connor, Head of Strategic Development (Health and Social Care) at Realise, said: “We started out on this journey 18 months ago by holding focus groups with industry leaders and professionals.

“There was a clear demand for training in health and social care to be more aligned with the roles and responsibilities of the modern-day sector worker. 

“No two settings are identical and all offer unique provision. It is important that we recognise that and deliver training to suit, allowing learners to choose a path that interests them most.

“We’re delighted to be continuing our investment in health and social care, helping to create the well-trained, passionate care workers the sector so desperately needs.”

Learners will be able to choose a specialism while completing their apprenticeship or diploma course. This will allow the learner to take on more responsibility or a leadership role when taking care of people with specific difficulties.

Additionally, by giving the participants the choice of specialisms, the course and learning can be better tailored to the setting as the learning will be more focused on an area that benefits the employer.

All of the specialisms focus on a comprehensive understanding of the subject, ethics and professionalism, experiential learning and self-care.

The specialist programmes can be studied as part of an apprenticeship or diploma at levels two to five.

Lesley said the new specialisms align with the new Skills For Care Workforce Strategy for Adult Social Care, which provides resources on how to retain staff through coherent and relevant training.

She added: “Offering career progression and development opportunities is crucial in helping to keep the right people in the sector. 

“Investing in the workforce ensures staff feel valued and supports retention and consistency in delivery of care. That is our vision for these new specialisms.”

Some of the largest health and social care settings have welcomed Realise’s focus on specialisms.

Karen Hutchinson, Estates Co-ordinator at Camphill Village Trust, said: “A bespoke training programme will make it easier for staff new to the sector to see the links between theory and actual practice in services.  Staff will be more receptive to customised training and will be better able to implement learning.”

Gemma Crummack, Training Manager at Lotus Home Care, said: “By ensuring all training is focused on specific health and social care services, we believe that our workforce will know what to do in all situations they may face, understand why they are asked to work in a particular way and want to challenge any bad practice they face in their careers.”

The specialisms:

Dementia Care Services – developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver all aspects of safe and compassionate dementia care.

Elderly Residential Care Services – building the ability to deliver good quality and empathetic care to the elderly within residential care settings.

Learning Disability Care Services – expanding knowledge of adult learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions.

Mental Health Care Services – enhancing ability to work with those who are seeking or require mental health support.

Treatment and Recovery Care Services – building expertise to provide compassionate care to individuals seeking help for addiction or mental health issues.

Community Care Services – strengthening understanding of how to support individuals to experience a rich and fulfilled life whilst living at home.

Visit www.realisetraining.com to explore the specialisms and all qualifications available.