Two HC-One Rose Court Care Home residents enjoyed a double date at a pub in Bury that led the couples to share ‘beautiful’ stories of love and how long they have been together.

Peter Richardson, 79, has lived at the residential, nursing and dementia care home in Radcliffe, Manchester, since 2021 and met his wife of 55-years, Lavinia, aged 75, when in the Royal Air Force 57 years ago.

The couple still spend a lot of time together and enjoy the regular events as part of the wellbeing and activities programme at HC-One, which is hosted by the wellbeing team at Rose Court.

Bob, 87, and Jean Barkess, 83, live at Rose Court together. In 2023, Bob moved in, and Jean joined him two months ago.

They love living together and can often be seen chatting away over a cup of tea. Bob and Jean met in 1957 and they have been together for almost seven decades.

On Tuesday, March 14, HC-One Rose Court colleagues accompanied the couples at the Wellington Pub in Bury to enjoy an afternoon of dining and some live singing entertainment.

They regularly attend the ‘Cabaret Lunch club’, which is hosted by the pub and, this week, they realised they were on a double date. Peter enjoyed a pint of lager at the pub and posed for a photo, as the couples chatted about their love for their partners.

Bob Barkess, who enjoyed half a bitter and a dram of whiskey, remarked:

“I had a super time. I adore my wife very much and even though we sit together at mealtimes, sharing a meal in the pub is the best. We often used to go out for meals a lot.”

Allison Porter, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented:

“Our residents told me that it was like being young again. And it was lovely to see them holding hands and sharing stories together. The love of our two couples is still very much alive.”

Jodie Whitehead, Rose Court Deputy Manager, said:

“I think it is wonderful how we can facilitate and encourage our residents and their loved ones to continue and maintain their loving relationships.”

Lavinia Richardson, talked about her husband, stated:

“Peter remembers very clearly how we met, and he tells me the story every time, how he waited for me outside the mess so we could have lunch together, that is what he was telling me in the picture, it’s a beautiful memory.”