Uvedale Hall, part of the Healthcare Homes group, is proud to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary life of Susan, a resident whose journey is as vibrant and captivating as a West End performance. From the glitz of the 1950s London Palladium, to the corridors of market research boardrooms, Susan’s story is a remarkable one.

In the glamorous era of the 1950s, Susan graced the stage as a Tiller Girl, captivating audiences with her talent. Tiller girls are a renowned dance troupes characterised by precise choreography and uniformity, often performing intricate routines in synchronised formations. Originating in the late 19th century, they became synonymous with high-kicking precision and dazzling stage performances.

Susan’s daughter Juliette fondly reminisces about her mother’s performances alongside legendary entertainer Bruce Forsyth on Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Before her illustrious dancing career, Susan also showcased her acting skills at the prestigious Richmond Theatre, leaving an indelible mark on the theatrical scene.

Following her tenure as a Tiller Girl, Susan embarked on a new adventure, founding her own ballet school for children. Susan’s radiant spirit shone alongside her young students, illustrating her commitment to nurturing the next generation of performers. Alongside her then-husband, Robin, Susan enchanted audiences aboard cruise ships, demonstrating her versatility and passion for the stage.

Susan’s journey didn’t end with the final curtain call. Transitioning seamlessly into the world of business, she carved out a successful career in market research, eventually ascending to the role of director in a prominent market research company. Her expertise, determination, and dedication to excellence propelled her to the forefront of the industry, where she made invaluable contributions.

Whilst residing at Uvedale, the team members go above and beyond to ignite passions, talents and inspirations from all of the residents and service users. Entertainment, exercise classes, and arts & crafts are the very start of the activities taking place at Uvedale. The home celebrates Susan’s indomitable spirit and remarkable achievements. Her story serves as inspiration to residents and staff alike, reminding us all that life is an extraordinary adventure filled with endless possibilities.