At Care UK, supporting colleagues who want to give back to their community is a top priority.

Care UK’s matched funding scheme meets colleagues’ fundraising efforts up to £1,000 for UK-based charities. This ensures that we support charities in the areas in which our homes operate, as well as donating to national causes. So far in 2024, we’ve raised more than £14,000 for 26 different charities.

One of our many success stories this year is from Brook Court in Kidderminster. Gaynor Wade, who has been a housekeeper at the home for over seven years, set herself the challenge of walking 100 miles throughout February to raise awareness for Cancer Research.

She chose to fundraise for Cancer Research in support of her friend and work colleague, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2023. She said: “After seeing how cancer has impacted my friend, this was a perfect opportunity to help support an amazing charity. They go above and beyond to help those who are going through the hardest time of their life, and I wanted to show my appreciation for that.”

She finished February with a total of 144 miles and 448,854 steps walked, and over £300 raised for the charity. Gaynor’s donation was matched by Care UK’s matched funding scheme, making her total donation £605.

Speaking about her challenge, she said: “I would get most of my miles in after work or whenever I had some free time. It really gave me something to look forward to, knowing I was participating in this challenge for a great cause. It was so worth it, and it’s incredible what we can do when we set ourselves a clear goal to achieve.”

A £600 donation to Cancer Research will help to run their online moderated forum, Cancer Chat, for a day. It’s a safe space open to everyone to discuss any aspect of the disease with others in the cancer community. This amount could also be used to buy a device used to spin blood samples so different types of cells separate. Scientists can then study the different types of cancerous cells to find out more about them.

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