Allow us to introduce Famileo, the family newspaper keeping people connected. In this exclusive Q&A with Famileo’s Country Manager, AnneSophie de Dreuille, we explore the benefits the brand can bring to your care home as we detail how it brings residents and families together even when apart.

Please introduce us to Famileo and the idea behind the brand. 

Famileo supports care homes, families and residents to maintain communication by transforming photos and messages from family members into a personalised physical newspaper for care home residents.

There are different aspects in the service we provide to care homes allowing everyone to stay in touch but our most special feature is the Famileo Gazette. The Famileo app allows relatives of care home residents to make their own newspapers, all about the news of the family, enabling the resident to feel close to their family and not miss out on anything.

The idea came about from one of our founders who realised that because his grandmother didn’t use social media she was not being kept up to date with what was happening within the family. She told him “I miss the postcards and letters you used to send me as a kid”. However, he and his family had busy lives which is why he came up with the idea of an app in which all of his family members could post messages and upload pictures for their Grandma to see. Every two weeks, all of the content which was shared was automatically organised to create a beautiful family newspaper printed for his Grandma – and that’s where the ‘Gazette’ came from. This eliminated any obstacles of his Grandma not being able to use technology and provided something of sentimental value specifically for her.

The Famileo Gazette bridges the technological and generational gap and Famileo now has more than 1.5million users around the world, working with nearly 3,000 care homes. We are particularly proud of the usage but believe it’s purely because we developed something straightforward, making it appealing for a wide audience. It’s important to note that we are of course GDPR compliant and have certification from the European Union as a product useful and adapted for people living with dementia.

How does Famileo work within a care home?

The Famileo service can offer three main features to a care home: communication from families to residents in the form of The Gazette, connection amongst the care home to families and internal communication within the care home too.

The Gazette

Once a care home has subscribed to Famileo, family and friends download the free app on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. They create their account and then they can easily start to share photos and messages. Each family gets a private account. Every two weeks the gazette is printed by the care home and delivered to the resident.

In addition to visits, phone calls, and video calls, the gazette provides the loved one with something tangible that can be picked up and reread at any time. “I feel so much joy from my gazettes, I carry them with me daily and feel secure having them with me.” – A resident at The Marlay Care Home.

The Care Home Communication

Via Famileo, the care home can also, from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, securely send messages and photos to the families. They can message all the family members, or an individual one. It allows the care home to share updates on the wellbeing of residents directly with the families. The idea is also to reassure the families, break stereotypes or false ideas, and get families engaged who will speak highly of your residence.

Internal communication

The care home has access to a tool to easily create their internal newsletter. There is no frequency imposed or restrictions in the number of pages. With all the photos stored in the Famileo care home account it is very easy for staff to follow the template and create an internal newsletter.

What kind of benefits can Famileo offer to care home residents?

It is a solution for many homes that increases and strengthens relationships between families and residents. It gives residents memories to not only read in their own time when families can’t always be around but it is also a great engagement tool for visiting families or staff to use when spending time with the residents.

Care home staff in the past have described Famileo as a ‘lifeline’ for some residents. Families say that it gives them something to hold on to and we’ve even heard stories about how it has reconnected their entire family.

CQC has noted Famileo as a good practice in many reports as it is a good way to support families but also breaks isolation for some residents.

To work with Famileo or to see a demonstration, contact 01823711679 or email